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Here are some useful Austen-related links.

More screencaps
Emma (1997 A&E version with Kate Beckinsale) - 1,148 caps by deadbetty
Emma (2009 BBC version with Romola Garai) - caps by puchre
Mansfield Park (1999 version with Frances O'Connor) - 1,280 caps by deadbetty
Persuasion (2007 ITV version)
- 1200+ caps by angelfish_icons
- 588 caps by ephramyfan
- 184 caps from rupertpenryjones.com
Northanger Abbey (2007 ITV version)
- 1200 caps by angelfish_icons
- 555 caps by ephramyfan
Mansfield Park (2007 ITV version)
- 1100 caps by angelfish_icons
- caps from billiepiperfan.com (registration required)
Sense and Sensibility (2008 BBC version) - caps by angelfish_icons
Miss Austen Regrets - 840 caps by three_nails
Becoming Jane - 1600 caps by angelfish_icons
Pride and Prejudice (2003 Mormon version) - 1408 caps by three_nails
Lost in Austen - caps by angelfish_icons
Bride and Prejudice - 998 caps by loramir
Rosings - an Austen screencap site with caps from a number of film adaptations

General Austen sites
Pemberley - the leading Austen website, complete with information about her life and novels, as well as extensive forums.
AustenBlog - a great, frequently updated blog of Austen-related news.

General period film sites
C19 - a message board that was formed after the BBC board for North and South was taken down. It has a big forum dedicated to North and South and related topics, but also forums for 19th century literature, the new P&P adaptation, and Jane Eyre (and many other forums as well). It's a great place -- once you visit it, prepare to become addicted (like me!). ;)
Ordinary Angels - featuring music videos for couples from a number of period films, including Emma and Persuasion.
Eras of Elegance - has all kinds of information on past time periods, including the Regency.

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